I am Raghu Raja1, currently an architect at Enfabrica - a stealth startup. Prior to this, I spent a little shy of four years at Amazon Web Services, where I was the Technical Lead for a team building software for the Elastic Fabric Adapter. I helped develop libfabric and was the maintainer for the EFA libfabric provider. Before AWS, I was a Senior Engineer in Cray’s Storage R&D organization, working on strategic path-finding projects (such as this) targeting future-generation supercomputers as well as tactical feature development for current-generation systems.

I went to The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) for graduate school. My dissertation, advised by D. K. Panda and done in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, covered the intersection of two key aspects of supercomputing systems — scalable networking and efficient parallel I/O.

While I no longer actively publish research papers2, you can find some of my academic publications here.


  1. Well, my full name is a mouthful — Raghunath Raja Chandrasekar. You will find some of my publications under this name. 

  2. That said, I am actively involved with several research communities. I still serve on steering and technical program committees for various workshops and conferences too.